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Industry Roadmap of Benchmarks and Trends for Government Contractors

Our GAUGE Report is a tool for the government contracting community to gain insights into industry best practices and performance metrics. Using data that we have compiled from the Report, use our interactive benchmarking tool to see how your company compares.

Take the GAUGE Challenge! Start the journey toward a better understanding of how you rank among your government contracting peers.

Simply enter some basic information about your organization and hit “Submit” to receive the visualization of how your company stacks up against others in the industry. If you did not compare as well as expected, we’ll offer suggestions for getting your company to the next level. Take the GAUGE Challenge today!

2023 GAUGE Report Coming Soon!

Our 7th edition of the GAUGE Report will be released soon! This year’s report will focus on the theme of “Lead By Forecasting” and it will the include the annual benchmarking data you’ve come to depend on to compare your company against your peers.

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Reimagining How We Work

The GAUGE report captures responses from the government contracting community annually between January and July. The diversity of the responses spans a broad array of company sizes, titles, roles, and types. Our interactive benchmarking tool is here to help you see how your company is tracking in comparison to others. Full version of the 2022 report with 2023 horizons can be found in the GAUGE Reports section of the site.


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